AUTUMN AFTER-WEDDING SESSION BY THE LAKE COMO wedding READ MORE GRAND HOTEL HEILIGENDAMM – A PLACE TO BE HAPPY wedding Located in a historic complex partially constructed by Duke Friedrich Franz I, the heir to the throne of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm offered an ideal location for an intimate weddi... READ MORE ENGAGEMENT SESSION IN THE HARBOR OF HAMBURG couple session What is the one happy place, where you met the love of your life? For Ann-Kathrin and Hubertus it is the beach of Övelgönne in Hamburg. READ MORE SPRING DIY-WEDDING IN WESTERHOF, HAMBURG wedding READ MORE GETTING MARRIED ALONG THE COAST OF THE BALTIC SEA – SCHLOSSGUT GROß SCHWANSEE wedding Did you know that I am a huge fan of wedding weekends? What could be more gorgeous than getting your family and friends for a couple of days together to celebrate your wedding day? I experienced this... READ MORE BRIDAL EDITORIAL IN VILLA MELZI, COMO editorial Spring time at the Lake Como is a beautiful one, I guess as well as all other seasons at this beautiful place? As I think back to those days spent in the little towns like Bellagio, Lenno and Varenn... READ MORE ENGAGEMENT SESSION ON THE TOP OF DUOMO DI MILANO couple session A day which begins with a morning walk, kissed by the rising sun and the lovely one on your side, can just be a beautiful one. As seen on Hochzeitsguide. See below, what Susanne wrote about the beaut... READ MORE SUMMER WEDDING IN BLUE AT NEUHARDENBERG PALACE wedding Promising each other the eternal love and support in a beautiful park under the blue sky - this is how Kristina and Andreas imagined their wedding day full of laugh and joy. This international Rus... READ MORE