Spring time at the Lake Como is a beautiful one, I guess as well as all other seasons at this beautiful place? As I think back to those days spent in the little towns like Bellagio, Lenno and Varenna, I instantaneously feel a breeze of fresh air wandering through my hair, the sweet smell of flowers, who are about to start their full bloom, I see the little clouds of morning fog caught between the mountains.

Inspired by the deep colors of the lake & mountains, the beauty and romantics of historical Art Nouveau villas from the 19. Century, typical for this area in Northern Italy, colored in a variety of pastel rose, beige and light ochre tones, I want to let you dive into the atmosphere of this wedding editorial with Yulia and Pasquale.

I have to say, that as I began to work as couple and wedding photographer I discovered a huge source of inspiration for my work by meeting and spending time with gentle people in love. Couples, who genuinely care about their relationship and spend their time together with fun and tenderness. One of those couples was Yulia and Pasquale, you can see it all in the way they look at each other.

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