Promising each other the eternal love and support in a beautiful park under the blue sky – this is how Kristina and Andreas imagined their wedding day full of laugh and joy.

This international Russian-German couple lives in the vivid, busy Berlin, but both being romantics and lover of natural surroundings they decided to celebrate their wedding in a beautifully elegant and classy Schloss Neuhardenberg. Probably 07.07.2017 was the most popular wedding date in 2017 and I am happy for every couple, who could register their marriage on this special date (probably you know, that sometimes it isn’t so easy to get your wish date for the civil wedding, especially in big cities!).

The wedding colors were light blue, white and green with a little touch of summer fruits. They made just a perfect, timeless match to the whole atmosphere of their outdoor wedding at a huge park residence.

Is there something what I loved in particular on the wedding day? Oh Yes! Maybe you already heard about the idea of writing some love letters to each other and read them before the ceremony? My wedding couple did it and it was wonderful and heart warming to experience the candid emotions of them having tears of happiness just before going to the aisle. As wedding photographer I am chasing for true emotions, and having so lovely beginning of the wedding day is more than perfect!

See it on your own and feel the sunny summer day of Kristina and Andreas.

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